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Criminalization of Politics..Do We Deserve??

27 Apr 2020  |   By Tips CST

Criminalization of Politics

Do we deserve?

We have a tendency to expect new changes. But when those who are raising the issue of change, themselves continue unchanged; those against whom the issue is raised continue unchanged and the people for whom the changes are sought continue to remain unchanged. Then the whole issue becomes more confused and complicated. It may often lead to chaotic conditions and future looks darker and darker. In these conditions even optimism takes a backseat. Then it is ridiculous to expect changes in any field, of any magnitude. The changing of political culture without changing the attitude of the people is not possible at all. It is not only the politicians who are responsible for this; it is also the people who are absolutely responsible for this. We elect our representatives. We provide them the opportunity. And therefore, it is we, who are suffering. We are not learning from the past. The history is repeating. It is all-natural. Politicians continue tainted because we vain our votes. Long before the present state of the criminalization of politics, it was well said that politics is a game of scoundrels. From this, one may naturally deduct that the seed of criminality has always been present there in the blood of politics from the very beginning it started taking shape; it is a different matter that the same has only boomed up to cancerous proportion in recent times. Crime syndicate and Mafia organization have established themselves in various parts of India today. The various crime syndicates and Mafia organization have developed significant muscle and money power and established linkages with government officials, political leaders and others to be able to operate freely and fearlessly. Democracy is to function through the directly chosen representatives of the people with well organized, competent and honest bureaucratic machinery. The body of these elected representatives looks after the prosperity and welfare of the state. It is necessary; hence, that these representatives of the people should be up-right and their intentions have meaning. This Parliamentary principle vesting legislative power in the decision of the majority does not hold to the norms of better governance in recent times in India.

The Indian body politic is moved by the lowest and the pettiest motives; it works for the most trivial, ridiculous and perishable aims. The devastating influence of the functioning of the parliamentary institution in India might easily be understood with the crowded inrush of goonda-elements in the field of politics. The politicians today have not left Indian masses as a happy family of united and affectionate brethren. It was simply turned into an overpopulated colony of jabbering and quarrelsome monkeys, who fancy themselves as men. No matter howsoever purely benevolent their action may appear on the surface, self lies at the bottom of it. A little back-stair influence and political Jobbery work an incompetent politician in the cabinet if he so cares for the same.

Vivek S Raj

(Cheif Editor)

Money being the chief motive power of all political success, downright hideousness has come to belong to the most recent day democratic machinery i.e. representatives of the people and the bureaucracy.

Criminal politician nexus is a vicious circle. Criminal and disgruntled elements, backed by money power, unite to see the politician get through the elections and benefit throughout his elected tenure. The politician thus indulges in piling up wealth for himself and money power for coming elections. He helps the criminals to enact their drama by creating a suitable socio-political and bureaucratic infrastructure. In this process all well-meaning norms get good-bye and a team of incompetent and corrupt and purchasable officials are brought up to the front; good, able and honest officials are shunted to the background as none entities.

Confronting such situations, men endowed with real qualities of good-intentioned leadership are tempted to refrain from taking part in national political-life; because under these circumstances situation does not call for men who have capacity for constructive statesmanship but rather for men who are capable of bargaining for the favour of majority.

Thus the situation appeals to the wicked minds and attract them accordingly. Consequently, mostly wrong people have come in politics and naturally they are on wrong sides. Men differ in their virtues if any but they are alike in their vices. Voters have been made to prefer from amongst the inferiors therefore, when they elect them as their representative, it is scarcely to be wondered at what the result of their governance is. Narrower the mental outlook and the move meagre the amount of knowledge in a political Jobber, lesser is the efficiency and better output. Such mediocre does not even have to worry about responsibility for what he does. As the number of such politicians grows the number of good politicians dwindle. Each such one feels that he may one-day rise-up to the top. This is the main reason why this kind of political activity is abhorrent to men of character and courage, while at the same time it attracts inferior types that is the knaves and rascals. The unhappy state of affairs is that ability counts for nothing and criminal-politician nexus for everything. Now-a days when the ballots of the masses are deciding factor, the decision lies in the hands of numerically strongest group. The politicians today are that second-rate-race, which be-friend criminals. They are men who go after power and for money through it. Now politics, crime and violence are a tie. They are only concerned with power and never feel the responsibility. Their sense of value has certainly deteriorated to the lowest ebb. The criminal-politician nexus works on the potent formulae-unite and rule. People are forced to select the same candidate to represent them who wrecked miseries in their daily lives. They are made to worship the persons who are ruining the country. The absence of anxiety on the part of persons in power and those in opposition to take comprehensive steps to root out this ailment is a pointer to the fact of the deep rooted involvement of political and officials alike. And now, the situation is that the people today have turned mere spectators and the criminals are ruling the realm, and all political parties are out to woo the criminals.

Astonishingly enough, almost all the political parties have raised their voice against and pointed their fingers to opponent political parties only and have shown no eagerness to get rid of the goonda elements in their own parties. But why it happens. The answer is very simple. We permit it to happen. The reasons are very palpable and perceptible. They are:

(a) Our schools and colleges impart literacy and not education. The teaching fails to imbibe a sense to distinguish between good or bad. It cripples the ability to visualize the future of society and him, as a part of the society;

(b) The family system is in turmoil. It has confused the new generation. The new generation has been refrained from internalizing the traditional values and norms. The parents have comprehensively failed in setting good examples for the emulation of their child;

(c) The media is commercialized. It survives on advertisements rather than on circulations. The media is not concerned about the source and intention of those advertisements. They have lost their sense of responsibilities;

(d) The planning and the economic policies are neither populist nor people-oriented. It has failed to generate proper avenues for the employment. We have neither given importance to agriculture nor created industries. We have pursued only mixed, confused, and myopic policies;

(e) The caste system has been exploited by the politicians. Casteism is nothing but it is a basis of political mobilization. Since, politics is a manipulation of existing structure to mobilize support and consolidate position, the Indian politicians are finding caste groupings as the most articulate and ready-made basis of mobilization and we have whole heartedly cooperated them in doing so.

The policy of rural development, democratic decentralization, land reforms, green revolution, cooperative development, community development are being made as an instrument to spread casteism and groupism on parochial lines. In Bihar, caste has become the real basis of functional differentiation and specialization. Their violent acts are not guided towards any mission or objective but it a mere execution of their duty for which they being recruited. The fragmentation of land holdings, poor literacy, failure of communication, moribundity, infrastructural bottlenecks, lack of employment opportunity, bureaucratic apathy and red tapism and above all poor implementation of developmental schemes have further intensified the increasing tendency of politicization of caste.

These factors produce sense of insecurity and as a result sense individualism perishes and group loyalties dominate. This sense of groupism kills the sense of nationalism. These groups promote politics based on narrow basis. The ailment needs a durable cure. Democracy should not be allowed to be purchased by these Power Brokers. Drastic Electoral Reforms should be brought to weaken the obnoxious nexus, although most of the leading political parties would stand up and show rare unity in opposing such moves, which may weaken the nexus. Every candidate filling nomination for election to state legislature or Parliament should submit a detailed statement, along with Nomination papers, giving therein details of criminal cases against him, past and present and also the outcome of investigation and trial of those cases if any. The Returning Officer should be thoroughly verified these statements. The statement so submitted should also be made public for the knowledge and reactions. This will of course, necessitate rescheduling the timetable relating to nomination and finalizing the candidature. It will require sufficient time between the nomination-filing and scrutiny to enable the Returning Officers to get the statement thoroughly verified. Officers with good record of outstanding honesty should be posted as Returning Officer with free hand. Bureaucracy should be stream lined, thoroughly. Good officer should be posted to key posts of government. Only honest and competent persons are appointed. All enforcement agencies should be made truly accountable to Courts of Law only. No political interference, at any cost, is allowed in dealing with the criminals. The Seismograph of Public opinion, which has ceased to work today, should be energized by the Fourth Estate. The media should reincarnate itself and realize its role as a pillar of Democracy and come forward to up hold it. Steps should be taken to enlighten the youth. They should be made to realize the importance of democratic infrastructure and those good and committed should be encouraged to join politics if they want to save their country from going to hell. One thing must be borne in mind by all concerned that the public will never put up for long with corrupt 'fads' and artificial 'crazes'. The people of India will never permit Democracy to be purchased by these Power Brokers. The people of India will exterminate those responsible for this state of affairs, and work for the growth and encouragement of healthy democratic norms and traditions. Creative work in the field of politics can be done through the marriage of knowledge and talent. Criminal-politician nexus is that monster which must be destroyed or it will destroy democracy itself. Criminality has upset all the calculations of democratic governance; it must be made to go. We have slammed our minds shut to the present day situations, this is shameful, and we should do away with it. De-glamourization of power is immensely needed. Power should come into the hands of well-meaning and good persons. Politics is too important a business to be left to the hands of scoundrels. The criminal-politician nexus is running itself, as a serious threat to the national security interests, strengthening of a transparent and solid public accountability will work to put a stop to it.

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