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India and the World

India and the World

Wen’s visit to India

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Transforming competition into cooperation


There was enough space in the world for both the nations to further their business interests; China and India are partners for cooperation and not rivals. My visit is aimed at promoting friendship, expanding cooperation, building on our past achievements and opening up new dimensions for mutual benefit and common development of the two countries.” Wen

Stand of P5 on relevant issues

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India has seen the five major powers visiting India in the last five months which indicates the centrality of India on the global platform


UK, JULY 27-29
On UNSC Seat
Recognises the need to reform UNSC to suit the needs of today. Revamping of UNSC would require the role of emerging powers like India. UK has extended support for India’s UNSC aims.
Terror and Pak
Terrorism is an area of cooperation between the two. Pakistan’s role in terrorism (both in India and the West) is undeniable and unacceptable.
Iranian issue
Iran found no mention in the speech of David Cameron.
Trade Targets
have been expanded from $11.5 billion to around $24 billion by 2014.

BRICS towards redefining New Global Order

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What emerged as the brainchild of a Goldman Sach economist is now turning out to be the possible future of the world economy. International organizations are usually the products of the vision of world leaders or statesmen; seldom do they originate as an afterthought of a research study by a private investment bank. But such is the birth story of what can be described as the BRIC of the world economy in the near and medium future.

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